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11 Small Campervan Interior Ideas

by Olivia Lin
11 Small Campervan Interior Ideas

There are lots of mighty fine reasons for choosing a smaller camper van. It’s the best way to ensure you can take it anywhere, park up with ease and compact living is cozy, comfortable, and just perfect. But to make the most of the space, you need to be clued up with small camper van interior ideas.

In this article, you will be able to learn about making proper use of limited space and natural light. Let’s dive into this article and see how to effectively use the storage space through amazing camper van interior ideas.

1 Set up Different Kinds of Lighting

When choosing lights for your van conversion, the main things to consider are efficiency, power supply, brightness, color temperature, and installation. What we found works best is to have a brighter, stationary light in the front portion of the van for practical use: cooking, cleaning, and actually bringing light into the space.

There are tons of electric and battery-powered lights to choose from – we personally used stick-on strip lighting, fairy lights, and magnetic reading lights that held onto the exposed metal in the interior of our van.

2 Opt for Bunk Beds or Use a Floating Bed for More Storage

Make the most of limited space by choosing bunk beds or a floating bed design. Bunk beds allow for multiple sleepers while utilizing vertical space, and a floating bed creates extra storage room underneath.

3 Have Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is essential for maximizing space in a small campervan. Consider the following options:


  • A Space-Saving Pull-Out Table

Pull-out tables are suitable for every size of the van due to their ability to fold up when not in use. It helps you make your camper van more flexible and functional.


  • Gear Storage Boxes

Remaining organized on the road helps you to remember the placement of your particular stuff more precisely. The custom compartments inside the gear storage box allow you to store every item separately.

The storage box moreover has been very useful for van lifers. You can store kitchen items, first aid, and clothing stuff. Thus, it gives your sprinter van more space and a better interior look.

  •  Pull Out Kitchen

Another space-saving tip for a van build is to create a pull-out kitchen for your campervan. This is also a good way to keep food splatter and cooking smells from your van’s interior space.

4 Segment the Space

Create distinct zones within your campervan by using curtains, folding screens, or removable dividers. This allows you to separate areas for living, sleeping, and cooking, optimizing functionality and privacy.

5 Geometric Flooring

Geometric flooring has been the recent trend among van lifers. Its 3-D pattern design looks amazing and gives it an edge when compared to other flooring options.

They are also good at enduring friction that helps your items not to slip over. Its durability saves you maintenance costs.

6 Install a Projector and Screen

Transform your camper van into a mini theater by installing a projector and a retractable screen. This entertainment feature allows you to enjoy movies, shows, or even video games during your travels.

7 Skylight

Cutting a hole in your roof isn’t for everyone, especially if you need space for lots of solar panels, a roof rack, and gear on your van. But if you don’t need those things, a skylight is a way to bring in natural light and create a sense of openness. This is another way to get airflow and light in your van.

8 Porthole Windows

Windows are a great way to have a sense of freedom while you are on the move. They are really a feature piece in a van build project and let the light shine inside your van. If you need some fresh air you can just easily open them up and enjoy breathing purely.

9 Add an Awning

If you do go with an outdoor kitchen, make sure that you have an awning to protect you from the elements. It provides sheltered outdoor seating and cooking areas, giving you more room to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature.

10 Go up for space

In camper vans, a lot of space is all about illusions. You don’t gain any extra floor space by adding a pop-top but you do create headroom. All of a sudden, you can stand in the van, or create a mezzanine level, or bunks. Without changing the footprint, you create a more workable and flexible space.

11 In-Built Tailgate Shower

For outdoor enthusiasts, an in-built tailgate shower can be a game-changer. After a very long and tiring day, you think of getting fresh and cleaning yourself or other washable equipment. This is where the in-built tailgate shower comes into place.


1. How much storage space is needed to design the best campervan?

The amount of storage space needed for designing the best campervan varies depending on individual preferences and requirements. However, maximizing storage is crucial in a campervan to ensure you have enough room for essentials and personal belongings.

2. What is the main point of van life?

The main point of van life is to embrace a minimalist and nomadic lifestyle. It allows individuals to prioritize experiences over material possessions, foster a stronger connection with the outdoors, and live a simpler and more fulfilling life on the road.

3. What is the best way to counter space in a camper van?

Look to organize things in a good manner. Keep every item in its place. Use the best storage alternatives for large items. Use small gear storage boxes to store items more conveniently.


With these 11 small camper van interior ideas, you can transform your compact mobile home into a comfortable and functional space that meets your needs on the road.

We really hope that this list has provided you with some fantastic camper van interior designs that you can use for your future project.

Did you love our camper van interior ideas? Are there any other ideas that we have missed but you know them? We always welcome new suggestions as they help us to grow more!


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