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Unique wall & desk clocks for home office

by Cassie Liu
Unique wall & desk clocks  for home office

When someone is working, it is necessary to know the current time conveniently and quickly. Placing a suitable clock in your office area can improve your efficiency. There is no need to unlock your phone, you can know the time with a glance, and the clock will not distract you like a phone. It saves you time.

Now lots of clocks have functions beyond time-telling too – displaying weather, custom text, or even custom LED images. We have selected some unique clocks, why not have one for your home office?


1.PEPPAD Wall Clock

IKEA-PEPPAD Wall clock, black, 9 ¾ ". The white dial with the black numbers, hands and frame creates a modern, simple expression that suits most styles and all rooms of the home. Front protection: Glass.

2.Alphabet clock

The Alphabet Clock from SoHo Forever is a fun and unique way of telling time. At first glance, the clock appears to be nothing more than a jumble of letters. But once the clock lights up, words appear among the scrambled letters to tell time. The Alphabet Clock tells time in five-minute intervals, a unique approach compared traditional analog or digital displays. With a sleek black finish, bright light up letters, and a compact design, the Alphabet Clock is an elevated addition to any space.



3.LED Mirror Alarm Clock

This type of lamp looks very simple and fashionable. Similarly, it can display time, humidity and temperature, and can also set an alarm clock, like other clocks, it also can be used as a mirror when needed, it's funny.


4.Modern Wood Digital Clock

This desk clock displays time, temperature and humidity, with adjustable brightness, and the wood tone creates a warm atmosphere, combining nature and modernity, which is very suitable for home office.

5.RGB Nixie Tube Clock

The RGB Clock features a retro design with contemporary innovation. 5 cases host 6 LEDs that display the time, right down to the seconds. It offers several different modes and colors for customizable ambience, and even preserves the time when it's powered off or restarted.



6.LED Digital Wall Clock

Serving as both wall art decor and a functional time-telling piece, this LED digital wall clock offers a neon look that looks great in almost any modern tech setup.



 7.8-Bit Pixel Art LED Tabletop Clock

This retro, 8-bit inspired clock is a unique fixture for any desk. Playing off a vintage TV design, this clock does way more than just display time – it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, shares the weather, and most noteworthily, displays custom pixel art from your phone.


8.DIY 3D Wall Clock

It is also very special to assemble a clock by yourself. You can choose the style you like, and you can change it frequently because it is glued on, which is very innovative.



by Cassie Liu


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