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TOP 7 Best TV Ambient Lights 2022

by Cassie Liu
TOP 7 Best TV Ambient Lights 2022

Even though all households now have a variety of electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones and tablets, the screen size of these electronic devices cannot meet our requirements for watching movies and TV shows. A projector is also not as good as a TV. People usually choose one wall in the room to place the TV (put it on the TV cabinet or hang it on the wall), the wall behind the TV will be boring and blank, traditional decorative paintings are not popular with this generation of young people, so the LED TV Backlight became the best choice. This year's hottest and coolest TV Backlights are here!


DreamView T1 TV Backlight

With the DreamView T1 TV Backlight, your gaming world and movie nights will never be the same. Enhance your home entertainment with splashes of vibrant colors dancing around your TV, mimicking what's on-screen. 

DreamView T1 TV Backlight


Ocean wave light(RGBW)

 Lamp Depot RGBW Ocean Wave Lights can provide multi-colored and dynamic water ripples for any smooth wall and ceiling. The sparkling water shadow is quiet but dynamic and conveys a feeling of relaxation and comfort.


tv backlight


RGB LED Strip Lights

Bring lighting into your home that is more flexible, more personal, and more vibrant. With Bluetooth RGB Strip Lights, take wireless control of your lighting to customize colors and effects for lighting that always matches your mood and style.

RGB LED Strip Lights With Remote


2 pcs RGB Corner Floor Lamp, Minimalist LED Lamp

Lamp Depot Corner Lamp is a beautifully designed, space-saving lamp that fits perfectly in corners for the back of TV. This minimalist rgb floor lamp can provide hours of customized illumination. 


corner lamp


Wall Neon Light Signs for Room

Filling empty blank walls with neon signs is a great idea. You can customize a special text and pattern, which is very suitable for young people with personality.

Wall Neon Light Signs for Room


Nanoleaf Triangles Modular Lighting 

Features ten smart LED mini triangle panels that easily mount to your walls with adhesive backing arranged in whatever design you chose. You can set it to color-changing hues with every shade of the rainbow or choose from a host of options from candlelight to twilight.

Nanoleaf Shapes Mini Triangles Modular Lighting Expansion Set


Touch Sensitive Modular Wall Lights, Honeycomb Lightings

This Modular Wall Lighting is an incredible and easy way to reinvent your space. Connect the 6 modular tiles and control them independently to create whatever kind of design you can imagine. Each one offers 13 fixed colors and 3 dynamic modes, along with timing functions, touch-sensor activation, and an included remote control.


modular lamp


by Cassie Liu


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