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TikTok Room Ideas - Trendy Lights You Will Need

by Cassie Liu
TikTok Room Ideas - Trendy Lights You Will Need

TikTok influencers use lights frequently to get clean, beautiful material for their social media sources, so they don’t need to invest in fancy videography gear or super expensive lighting for TikTok videos.
We’ve rounded up top picks of lights,whether you're filming your own videos and looking to create a cooler space or in search of creative lighting for around your home, they can add bright color and bring your space to life.So without any further delay let’s move onto the topic.

1.Neon signs&Led lights strips

There's no big difference between these two, but LED neon lights are usually a little bit thicker than the LED strip lights,so their lighting effects are different.
LED light strips is very popular on TikTok.  Most tweens post videos with the lights on at the edge of the ceiling, providing bright colors for selfie shoots, hobbyist photoshoots, or musical games. 

led strip lights

While neon signs were once the privy of sleazy bars and arcades they've now become a huge interior home design trend,it can lighting up your room in a fun and colorful way.  

neon signs

2.Corner floor lamp

Lamp Depot Corner Lamp is a beautifully designed, space-saving lamp. This minimalist lamp will provide hours of customized illumination. The easy to use remote control makes it simple to shuffle through 16+ million colors and 300+multi color effects to find your perfect lighting. 

corner lamp

3.Selfie ring light

Selfie ring light are used to highlight all your best features and illuminate your picture,makes the selfie brighter and a little sharper so you don't have to worry about editing brightness or sharpness into your pictures. It's possible to take the perfect selfie no matter what.

ring light

4.Levitation moon lamp

Bring the beauty of our solar system to your bedroom with this levitating Moon lamp. Using magnetic levitation technology, this 3D-printed LED lamp floats and spins all on its own above the included base just like its celestial counterpart. Each lamp is equipped with touch sensor controls and 3 lighting modes so you can select the perfect lighting for your space and enjoy the mesmerizing motion of this miniature moon magically suspended in mid-air. 

moon light

5.Galaxy projector light

Immerse yourself in the galaxy with this projector light,the night light projected is romantic, which is perfect for a date or birthday decoration.

galaxy projector light

6.Sunset projector lamp

The atmosphere shown by galaxy projector light and sunset project light is completely different.Sunset projector lamp has unique colorways that expand the sense of space (sort of like therapy lamps), while illuminating the environment and creating “visual meditation." It emits a warm, sunset-light glow in various colors, from pale pinks to the deepest blues,

 sunset lamp

Good lighting is the main component of any great image or video,but there’s no need to break the bank to giving your room that influencer aesthetic. The above-mentioned popular products  can help turn your space into the trendiest room yet within your budget.



by Cassie Liu


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