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Reviews & Byer Guide: Best 3D Print Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamps

by Vlen Feng
Reviews & Byer Guide: Best 3D Print Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamps

Moon lamps are one of the lamp design that is not functional but also decorative. Many moon lamps are designed with lighting and 3D printing that makes them seem super realistic. Here, we have the review of one of the best levitating moon lamp - Lamp Depot's Floating Moon Lamp. 


Why did I choose this Levitating Moon Lamp?  


Eco-Friendly Material: One of the most important things that you have to consider is that whether or not the lamp is made up of eco-friendly certificated material. There are many such lamps that are made up of cheap materials which are full of toxins and can be harmful to the environment. Lamp Depot's Floating Lamp is made of ABS. Most of the spoons and dishes we use are made of ABS too.

 floating moon lamp

Clearest Texture: The beauty of these wonderful lunar lamps lies on its surface, so you should choose the best and clearest texture otherwise it will not look like a moon at all. There are many 3D lamps that are designed with inaccurate surface design and doesn’t look like the moon or even cannot emit light properly. Lamp Depot's Moon Lamp is designed accurately based on the images of the NASA and restore the original look and texture of the moon surface.  


Wireless Charging: Lamp Depot's Levitating Moon Lamp uses wireless charging technology, so it can be charged even while levitating! The touch control base below, allows you to turn the LED light inside the Moon Lamp ON/OFF. There is no charging port on the globe, which ensures the integrity of the lunar surface.


How does the moon lamp levitate?

The Moon Lamp is able to float using maglev technology. It hovers an inch away from the magnetic base while transferring energy to the nearby lamp.

As long as the Moon Lamp is suspended in the magnetic connection, the lamp will be lit. The lack of friction means that one spin can last for hours. If you prefer the lamp to be still then simply put your hand on the moon for a moment to keep it still.

This means you can have the lamp on while studying for your astrophysics exam, mapping out a new design or simply to show others the marvel of modern based living.


floating moon lamp


The Lighting Of The Moon Lamp:

This is the advantage of the LED; it offers a wide choice of colors. You can enjoy different patterns of changing light. This moon lamp can glow in Gradient warm yellow and white. The LED lights change gradually and automatically while floating and spinning. You can also adjust the lighting to your preference or mood.

There are 3 modes for the lights, which you can control by touching the only switch in turn. You can have both moon and base light on or off at the same time. And the other options are having the moon light on and the base light of or vice versa. In the end, it all comes down to your preference.


More Levitating Lamps are now available on Lamp Depot!

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levitation satrun lamp


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levitation mars lamp


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levitating earth lamp


Levitation Jupiter Lamp:

levitating Jupiter lamp



by Vlen Feng


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