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How to start a smart home in 2021

by Cassie Liu
How to start a smart home in 2021

Why a smart home?

With the continuous development of technology and economy, people have new requirements for living space, smart homes have become popular.
You can create a comfortable, safe and convenient living space by using smart door locks, smart curtains, smart switches, smart speakers, smart TVs, smart camera PTZ, sweeping robots and different sensors.


  1. Do not buy smart products with Bluetooth and Bluetooth mesh protocol. Disadvantages: Bluetooth connection is unstable, smart scene execution is unstable, and power consumption is fast.
  2. Don't waste too much money to replace all products with smart ones, you only need to transform the core smart scenes.

    Smart scene in the living room:

    Open the door:

    Turn on the light automatically and turn off the camera.The temperature and humidity sensor detects the temperature and humidity of the home, and adjusts it to the temperature and humidity that the human body adapts.

    Close the door:

    Turn off all lights and heater sockets, turn on the camera, the camera is automatically aimed at the door, and the smoke alarm and flood alarm are automatically turned on. The sweeping robot will automatically sweep the floor.

    Movie mode:

    Adjust the color temperature and brightness of the ceiling lamp.

    Working mode:

    The ceiling lamp has a color temperature of 4500k and a brightness of 100%. Turn on the lamp.

    Equipment used: Smart door lock (fingerprint recognition, with camera, you can view the situation at the door and upload the video to the cloud), smart ceiling lamp, sweeping robot, Smart camera (angle can be rotated and adjustable, no dead angle monitoring every position in the room), smart wall switch,temperature and humidity sensor,smoke sensor and water sensor.

    smart home

    Smart toilet scene:

    When entering the bathroom, the lights will be turned on automatically, and the lights will be turned off automatically when no one moves in 5 minutes.

    Equipment used: Human body sensor, smart lights, smart wall switch.

    smart home

    Smart kitchen scene:

    Enter the kitchen to automatically turn on the lights, and automatically turn off the lights when no one moves in 5 minutes.

    Equipment used: Human body sensor, LED light, smart wall switch.

    smart home

    Smart bedroom scene:

    Wake up mode:

    Curtain motor controls the curtain to open slightly A smart speaker is placed in the bedroom, which can wake you up in the morning and control it to play music at any time.

    Sleep mode:

    The light is automatically dimmed, and the human sensor senses the passing of the human body, and it will automatically turn on the bedroom night light and gradually change the brightness set by the dark, and the place where the human body passes at night will light up. The lights will be turned off automatically when no one moves in 5 minutes.

    Equipment used: Human body sensor, smart wall switch, smart ceiling lamp, smart speaker, smart curtain.

    Now almost all TVs and air conditioners are smart, you can connect to WiFi and control them through apps or smart assistants. Smart curtains, smart toilets, smart TVs can be configured according to your needs and budget.

    smart home


    The SKY Smart Floor Lamp is a conveniently app-controlled, WiFi-enabled LED lamp that works with Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Google Home. The long-lasting, integrated LED lets you choose from infinite light mode options to suit any mood or occasion.


    smart lamp

    Simply use the Magic Home Pro app to choose a color, adjust the brightness, and create the perfect atmosphere for working, relaxing, or socializing. You can use the color-picking function in the app to match the color of any object you have photographed on your phone, or even set the lamp to change color to the rhythm of the music and really get the party started. Simple, smart, and stunning—this sleek floor lamp is a big upgrade for any living space.

    by Cassie Liu


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