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Whole House Lighting Design——Living Room

by Cassie Liu
Whole House Lighting Design——Living Room

When decorating your new home, the choice of lighting is often overwhelming. You may like certain items and want to install them in your home asap, but immediately you will feel confused. These lamps can be very Is it a good combination? Can these lamps blend with the overall decoration style? Can these lamps play their practical role and make your home unique? Don't worry about this anymore! After reading the following content, you can quickly make the correct plan.


Raiders of living room lighting layout

Lamps and lanterns in the living room are usually arranged in two forms, with and without the main lamp.

The living room usually contains: downlights, spotlights, light strips, main lights (ceiling lights/chandeliers) and several types of immovable lamps.

The location of the lighting in the living room probably includes three panels: ceiling, TV wall, and sofa wall.

lighting of living room

From a functional point of view, the conventional lighting scenes in the living room are: daily activities, meeting guests, watching movies, reading, and cleaning.

In terms of illuminance, with the current mainstream LED luminous efficiency 70-80lm/W on the market, the power required per square meter is roughly as follows:

  • Downlight type flood light sources, such as downlights, ceiling lights.

    Living room: 4-5W/flat

  • Hidden light source (light strip, etc.) for basic lighting

    Because the light utilization rate of the hidden light source is very low, it is recommended to follow the above light source ratio * 2-3 times. It is usually appropriate to use the hidden light source for ambient lighting at about 6 watts per meter.

  • Use spotlights for basic lighting

    Although it is not recommended to use spotlights for basic lighting, there are always people who like it. It is recommended to use large angles, such as 30°, 36° spotlights, and the power should be 1.5-2 times the above recommendations.



    • Use chandelier for basic lighting, according to the actual light transmittance of the lampshade.

      If it is crystal, glass, acrylic and other lampshades, just follow the above light source ratio. If it is a lampshade with low light transmittance such as marble, jade, etc., the power is recommended to be *2 or more.

      • Color temperature recommendations:

        The color temperature of home lighting fixtures is not recommended to exceed 4000K, (the lamps with color temperature adjustment function are determined on demand), and you can choose according to the decoration style and personal preference.


        Lighting method on the ceiling

        1. The main light (ceiling lamp/chandelier) is used for basic lighting, the downlight/spotlight is used for prominent lighting, and the lamp belt is used for ceiling lighting.

        2. Light strips are used for basic lighting, chandeliers are used for decorative lighting, and downlights/spotlights are used for prominent lighting.

        3. If the downlight is used as the basic lighting, there is no need to choose this kind of ceiling. In the same space, there should be a combination of multiple light sources to be more suitable for different scenes, so that each type of lamp can perform its own duties.


        Lighting method of the TV wall

        The lighting arrangement of the TV wall needs to meet the needs of watching movies (the hidden light strip on the TV wall is better)

        1. You can use the atmosphere on the ceiling to hide the light source.

        2. Downlights/spotlights on the ceiling can also be used.

        3. It is also possible to conceal the light strip in the TV wall home furnishing. In the viewing mode, there is no need for too bright light. The concealed light source ensures that 4-6W/M is completely sufficient.


        Lighting method of the Sofa Wall

        The lighting of the sofa wall actually depends more on the arrangement of the ceiling lighting. Spotlights are usually used on the suspended ceiling.




        by Cassie Liu


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