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How to Decorate a Guy’s Dorm Room

by Cassie Liu
How to Decorate a Guy’s Dorm Room

Soon to move into your dorm? Most males don't have tons of décor ideas, so decorating a boys' dorm room may be challenging.

Make a packing list including some of the items from the list below if you plan to live in a dorm room in the autumn.


Wall Decor


UV Reactive tapestry has always been a popular choice for young children to decorate their private spaces. This Van Gogh star tapestry looks great in sunlight or black light. Hang a tapestry to save the dullness of the walls!



Art prints

Art prints are easy to install and remove, and they can even be customized in size and pattern, you can use your own photos or paintings. If you don’t like clutter, art prints are a great choice, combining minimalism and character.

 Art print


Dorm Bedding

The bedding takes up a lot of room, and its design will determine how the room will be decorated as a complete. You can select plain or plaid (black, blue, or grey) bedding if you like a cool look. Use a deep colorblock checkerboard or unique patterned pillow and blanket coverings to void the dull. Vibrant colors—red, yellow—if you want to make a statement about your distinctive.

Boy dorm bed


Dorm Lighting

Reading lamp

Your dorm probably doesn't have enough sunlight. It is necessary to prepare a desk lamp with reading light to supplement the brightness so as not to hurt the eyes.

 Reading table lamp


LED strip lights

Choose led lights with music sync function, you can stick these light strips anywhere, on the side of the table, on the back of the monitor... Easily turn the dorm into a gaming room.

led strip light


Dorm Furniture

Folding chair

This camping chair is a great option for extra seating in a dorm room, and it can be taken to the library and lawn, or for outdoor camping, it can be stored in a closet or under a bed when not needed.

camp chair


by Cassie Liu


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