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10 Easy and cheap Halloween Decoration ideas

by Cassie Liu
10 Easy and cheap Halloween Decoration ideas

Time flies so fast, there is only one week left before Halloween night!

What have you prepared? In addition to your makeup and clothes, indoor and outdoor decoration is very important!

Halloween decorations are always fun, do you want to outdo your neighbors in 2021? The following is a summary of our recommendations, I hope it can give you some inspiration.


1.DIY pumpkin lantern

Let me guess, there must be many people like me who have never carved a pumpkin by themselves! Try it this year! It will be very interesting.



2.Skull Candle

There must be a creepy flicker at any Halloween party.

halloween decorations candle holder


3.Homemade spooky fog with dry ice

Easily add spooky fog by simply adding dry ice (available in grocery stores) and a little water to a old pot.

witch pot


4.Spooky Spiderweb Wall

Simply stretch the fake cobweb material to the outdoor grass and windows, wrap the sticky fake cobwebs under the indoor candlesticks and tables, and put a few fake black spiders on it will make people creepy.

Spiderweb Wall


5.Spiderweb Cake

Buy an ordinary cake in the store, or make your own. Put the white frosting in a piping bag, then squeeze it on the cake, and put a few plastic spiders on the cake to make it look like a spider web.

spiderweb cake


6.Black wreath

 Black wreath



Spooky silhouettes cut from black craft paper add creepy character to Halloween Decor. Crows adorn an oversize mirror.

Halloween doceo Silhouettes


8.DIY Bat Branch Centerpiece

 Find some branches to spray black, and then you can create freely.

diy halloween decorations


9.DIY goast windsock

Get the tutorial at Chicken Scratch NY.

diy halloween decoration goast windsock


10.Tissue Paper Pumpkin Party Favors

Cut the orange tissue paper into circles, place your favorite assorted candy in the center, and gather the edges until you've pinched together a perfect pumpkin. Wrap green tape around the twisted end of the pumpkin top.

 Halloween Paper Pumpkin

by Cassie Liu


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