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Fantastic Computer Game Room Lighting Ideas

by Hu Nemo
Fantastic Computer Game Room Lighting Ideas


What is the best light for a gaming room?

The most basic purpose of game room lights is to provide good lighting and atmosphere for the space where you and your friends are playing games. The general consensus is that game room lighting is good for long hours of video gaming, but why choose game room lights when the game room needs lighting.



What are gaming room lights?

Gaming room lights provide good lighting and ambiance for spaces in which you and some guests are playing video games or table games. At Lampdepot, we think of gaming room lights as proper lighting for both lengthy video gaming sessions. The right lighting for your gaming experience can be both functional and decorative. We’ll walk you through the right lights for your game room soon, but first, let’s talk about why you might want more than just your standard ceiling lights or lamp posts for your gaming experience.



Why Use Game Room Lights?

Our answer is - lighting that enhances your gaming experience can be both functional and decorative. Here's how game room lights work:

  1. Elevate your surroundings. The best gaming experiences are almost surreal. Help you immerse yourself in different worlds and keep you calm during high-stakes gaming moments with gaming room lights.
  2. Add personality. Game room lights are not only for you, but also for your guests. If your friends are at game night, turn on your brand new gaming lights and enjoy a 10 out of 10 killstreak. Use laser projectors to project memorable graphics onto walls and ceilings.
  3. Set the right mood. If your daytime ceiling lights are bright white or soft yellowish, they probably won't create a unique gaming vibe. Using game lights can improve these, allowing you to experience an immersive gaming atmosphere at any time. ·
  4. Spotlight effects. Picture this: Your back-and-forth game starts to feel tedious, but as the room lights gradually change color or pattern, your senses are stimulated, and you're back in the game. That's the power of playroom lights: they come in very rare colors or effects that keep you on your toes.



5 Best Game Room Lights

Create the memorable, unrivaled play space you've always dreamed of with these types of play room lights:

  1. Skylights

Skylight creates patterns of a starry night or tiny galaxies scattered throughout your room. Point your skylight projector at a wall, or tilt it so it reaches the ceiling. Set the lights to pulse or stay still, or remove the stars and cast just the sky. With galaxy lights you have tons of options to achieve the lighting you need for your game room.

  1. Laser lights

Lasers are an energy-efficient lighting solution that can project rich, vibrant colors. Because we diffract the laser light into thousands of smaller beams, when you use indoor laser lights in your game room, you get lighting with flair and just the right amount of brightness.

  1. LED lights

LED lights create a soft and relaxing environment and are available in a variety of color options. With some models, multiple colors can be emitted at the same time, so your space can allow you to truly immerse yourself in the gaming environment.

  1. Fan lights

Video game consoles and computers can get hot quickly during prolonged gaming sessions. The fan light can keep your equipment cool while also making your room well-lit. Plus, if you can feel the breeze from the fans too, you'll stay comfortable all night.

  1. Projection lights

Whether you choose laser light bulbs that screw into your light fixtures or standalone, plug-in laser projectors, your projection lights transform any room into a soothing setting. With laser light projectors, you can set up your gaming room exactly how you’d like, and since these projectors are tiny and portable, it’ll take you just moments to switch up your lighting scheme. 


Computer Game Room Lighting Ideas


Tips for Choosing Game Room Lights

The great thing about game room lights is that you have a lot of options - projectors, portable lights may be right for you. With so many options, how do you know which is the best? To find out, follow these four tips:

  1. Know how much lighting you need. Small game rooms require less lighting than larger game rooms. If your game room is the size of a standard office, you might be able to use a skylight or laser projector. If your game room is your entire finished basement, you're going to need a few lights to provide a properly lit space.
  2. Decide where to place your lights. If you need light behind your console, a portable game room light that plugs directly into your console is perfect for your setup. If you want more of a room-wide immersive ambiance, a projector can give you that without getting in the way.
  3. Choose your color. If you keep your energy low, both literally and figuratively, you might appreciate a laser projector that includes only a few color options. If your gaming chair is partially red, choose a red light. If your ping pong table is dark green, pair it with a green laser light. If your sofa is blue, then Blu-ray is your first choice.


Light your gaming room with Lampdepot

With Lampdepot, you can ensure that your gaming room impresses and entrances you and your guests, makes your games more fun and functional, and imparts fond memories – and you can do it all without expensive lights or installing permanent fixtures. Our laser light bulbs, laser projectors, portable lights, and sky light projectors are affordably priced, plus they’re highly energy-efficient, so they keep your electric bill low. And, of course, they provide stunning effects for your space that are sure to maximize your gaming experience. Just browse through the Lampdepot to see for yourself!


by Hu Nemo


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