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Buying lamps online vs offline

by Cassie Liu
Buying lamps online vs offline

The popularity of e-commerce platforms has made us full of things bought online. Online shopping is popular because it saves time and effort and can easily return and exchange products. The only drawback is that after customer receiving their commodity, they may find that they are different from what they expect. Because online product pictures show them great products instead of the things in their hands.

The purchase of lamps and lanterns requires on-site experience to a large extent, but online shopping is more time-saving and labor-saving than physical stores, and has a complete range. This makes many people very entangled in buying lamps online or offline. We have done the following analysis so that you can make a choice that suits you as soon as possible.


Buy offline

  • Advantages:

Buying a lamp in a physical store has several great advantages. You can see the real object on the spot and understand the material. Compare the difference in materials used between the lamps, and at the same time you can directly feel the light of the lamps with your eyes, you can judge whether to buy it. And you can also directly test whether there are problems such as strobe and whether the light is uniform.Some larger home shopping malls also have model rooms with lamps installed. You can see if the lamps match your own decoration style.


  • Disadvantages:

There are still no shopping malls that specialize in lighting fixtures in many cities. Most cities are a stall in home shopping malls, and home furnishing markets in small cities are mostly concentrated in the city center. Finding a physical store can be troublesome. Secondly, the cost of physical stores will be higher than that of online stores, and the price of lamps will be a little higher than that of online stores.




Buy online

  • Advantages:

The lamps and lanterns on the Internet are very complete, and the styles are also novel. You can basically find any lamps you want. Customers don't have to run around in the physical store, convenience at your fingertips.As long as you look for the official store, the quality is basically guaranteed and there is a complete after-sales system. At the same time, it saves time and effort, and the price will generally be lower than the physical store.


  • Disadvantages:

Buying lamps online is the same as buying other things. The disadvantage is that you can’t see or touch, and you don’t know the brightness, color temperature and material of the lamps. , There are still some quality issues that are difficult to judge.



home decor

The shortcomings of online shopping can be compensated with skills.

  • When buying lamps online, try to choose large brands and products with relevant national certification. At the same time, you can judge whether it is suitable for you by power, color temperature and the style of various lamps. There is no need to worry too much about the quality of big brands, and the after-sales are guaranteed.


    • Power: The power of LED lights in areas such as the living room, kitchen and bathroom can be calculated with 1.7W per square meter. The power of the bedroom is about 1W per square meter.

    • Color temperature: If you buy online, there are usually three levels of sunlight, warm white light and warm light. You can adjust it after installation. Warm white light is suitable for the living room and kitchen, and warm light is suitable for the bedroom and bathroom.

      home decoration

        • How to match styles: Now most people decorate in Scandinavian and modern styles. Both Nordic and classical decoration styles can be matched with chandeliers, and ceiling lamps can also be selected for Nordic styles. For modern-style decoration, you can boldly choose a design without a main lamp, such as the combination of downlights, spotlights and floor lamps.

        • Brand selection: The most basic thing for online shopping is to look for the brand, and the same is true for physical stores. The brand is selected right. It has been half the success. You can choose some brands that have been in the lighting industry for a long time. They have many technologies and old brands. It is very good with the light source that started as a light source.



        You can choose to buy offline or online according to your budget and time cost. While pursuing cost-effectiveness, don't forget that the lamps you buy must conform to the decoration style.



        by Cassie Liu


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