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8 Living Room Design Trends You Can't Miss For 2022

by Cassie Liu
8 Living Room Design Trends You Can't Miss For 2022
In the new year, we have given a new concept of the living room, it is no longer a single-function living room! It can be a home library, a study room, a music room... In short, any function you want can be realized in the new living room.

1.Home Library

Do you want a "family reading area"? It is not only to create a sense of scholarship, but more importantly, to create a comfortable reading environment for the new home anytime, anywhere, so that reading and learning naturally become a part of life.

ligving room design

As long as we make full use of the wall in the living room, we can easily create it-embed the bookcase in the wall, or customize the entire wall of the bookcase. The bookcase can be used as a sofa background wall or as a TV background wall.

living room design

  • Bookshelf TV background wall

    home design

    • Bookshelf sofa background wall

    The sofa is not designed against the wall, which not only has the function of extending the vision, but also creates the feeling of an integrated library.

    living room library

    • Living room library

    If you pursue more cutting-edge audio-visual effects, you can choose to install a projector in front of the bookshelf.

    living room decor

    2.Combination sofa——The soul of the communicative living room

    In 2022, the sofa will also unlock different postures in terms of shape, position and combination. People are no longer entangled in a few-person sofas, but flexibly choose modular sofas. The sofa can be selected according to the size of the space, and complemented by some unique single sofas, chairs or footstools. Moreover, the modular sofa is easy to be replaced and replaced, and has a distinctive personality, which also bears the needs of rest, chat, entertainment, and hospitality.

    living room

    • Various types of sofa combinations

    3.Multifunctional design becomes mainstream

     By 2022, the key word in the living room is no longer "TV background wall", but "multi-function". How to maximize the use of the living room is the main point of everyone's attention

    open living room

     So there is an excellent case of integrating the study room, office area, music room, etc. into the living room. Set up a separate area in the living room to store your work and hobbies in, and maximize the function of the living room space.

    living room decor

    • Combination of study and living room


    In 2022, the popularity of open and semi-open styles remains unabated, and the integrated design of guest, dining and kitchen has become the biggest trend in 2022!

    integrated living room

    5.Furniture layout

    There are two layout formats of the sofa: parallel and enclosed.

    As the name implies, the parallel layout means that the sofa is laid out in a straight line along the wall, parallel to the coffee table and the TV cabinet. This layout mode pays more attention to the combination of space and function, which makes the living room appear orderly and enhances the comfort and style of the living room.

    livingroom layout

    The enclosed layout is more suitable for creating multiple core areas and distracting the attention of the TV. Generally, it is enclosed by chairs or sofas to allow more eyes to focus on people, creating a good communication atmosphere, suitable for families who like to chat and party.

     living room layout

    6.Mainly small-scale furniture

    How to make the small apartment bigger? In 2022, we choose furniture with simple shapes, low heights and small volumes, which can make the space look less crowded.

    home decoration

    • Easy to move and flexible furniture

      minimalist living room

      • Coffee table with pulley

      7.Combination lights

      People used to like to hang large ceiling lamps and crystal lamps in the living room. If the design is not good, it is easy to make a ballroom feel. In 2022, no main lamp design will be popular, and downlights, spotlights, floor lamps, line lights, etc. are used for combination. Use the lighting in the living room to create a soft, bright, full, and layered effect.

      8.Popular color

      In terms of space color matching, we are no longer constrained on the advanced effects of black, white and gray, and it is not just the brown and gray that are popular recently.

      Popular color matching in 2022, pay attention to: fusion. Use warm colors to weaken the texture of cool colors, and use natural elements such as wood colors to dilute the stiffness of bright colors.

      living room design

      • Beige+Wood Grain Gray

        home decor

        • Creamy White with Walnut Camel
        by Cassie Liu


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