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5 Lighting Tips & Tricks To Make Your TikTok Videos Stand Out

by Vlen Feng
5 Lighting Tips & Tricks To Make Your TikTok Videos Stand Out

Want to be TikTok famous? The most critical point: To produce high-quality videos to make your TikTok Videos Stand Out. good LIGHTING is the main component of a great image or a video. Your phone records decent quality videos, just make sure your lighting is good. And again, there’s no need to break the bank to get clean a beautiful footage for your TikTok feed.

Here are 5 lighting tips & tricks to make your TikTok Videos Stand Out.


1. Use Selfie Ring Light  

Most of those phots you love are probably using a ring light to highlight the subject and make it look flawless.

No matter if you are a hairstylist, a selfie lover or a beauty blogger, The ring light will come in handy if you are looking for something to help with lighting for pictures or videos.  



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2. Creativity use of Sunset Lamp 

You will find yourself drawn into another world with this lighting, as the focus is firmly on the ephemeral. At the center of the stage is the light being emitted, rather than the lighting object itself. In contrast, the physical object has a composed and understated presence. This makes your video more eye-catching.


Recommend: Sunset Lamp - It allows you to create new graphic patterns and extend the possible projection surface, the ceiling and walls become immense paintings where artwork is displayed. It's a powerful tool to create endless composition and decor gently the environment with its presence.

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sunset lamp



3. Use Square Panels 

Square panels also do the job when it comes lighting your TikTok videos. However, compared to a ring light you need to position a panel right. Not not low, and not too high. The perfect position would be right above the camera (or phone). A huge advantage square light panels have is they are portable! It is a small but very powerful light source (from 10x15cm and bigger). So, if you are a travel TikToker or you’re making your videos on the go, this is a great choice.

LED square panels can be very cheap, for only $ 32.99 on Amazon.


LED lights panel



4. Personality background light

The young ladies dancing on TikTok are just so appealing! When you open TikTok, you can see a lot of girls who love to dance dancing to music in rooms decked out in personality lights. Besides, boys have a lots of LED Sign lights over their computer desk.


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modular lamps


5. Window light

Midday sunlight is very high up in the sky and harsh. If you stand in direct sunlight when it’s at its peak, you will get dark ‘racoon eyes’, which is not flattering at all. Instead, windows normally give you big and soft light and they are everywhere. The light is more flattering than direct sunlight because it’s diffused (it goes through the glass, this way there’s a bit less light on you. Put your phone on the window and film yourself while facing outside. As a result, there will be clean and beautiful light on your face and body.

by Vlen Feng


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