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3 Things you must know about Interior furnishings

by Cassie Liu
3 Things you must know about Interior furnishings

Interior furnishings, commonly known as soft decoration, is a highly comprehensive art. The interior furnishings should be designed for the entire space, the purpose is to reflect the connotation and charm of the space, give the indoor environment vitality, and be consistent with the temperament and cultivation of the occupants.


1.The role of interior furnishings

As part of the interior design, any movable inside the house is part of the interior furnishings.


  • Create atmosphere and mood

Whether it is quiet and friendly or magnificent, simple and elegant or novel and fashionable, these artistic conceptions are all completed by furnishings.


  •  Improve the spatial form

Because building walls are difficult to modify, the interior space form can be enriched and deformed through soft decoration.

  • Soften the indoor space

The cold texture of glass curtain walls and metal plates will give people a sense of alienation from the space, which can be softened by furnishings.


  • Express space intention

It is music or a certain movie as the theme, pink or the tea room as the theme, and the intention will be clearer if the theme is arranged around the theme.


  • Adjust indoor color

Indoor colors will cause people to have different psychological feelings, and a too dull space can be completely changed by a hanging painting or an illustration.

  • Reflect national characteristics

Different regions and nationalities have different characteristic cultures, and focus on preserving the inheritance of multiple cultures can better serve customers.


  • Cultivating artistic taste

In addition to showing their wealth, modern people pay more attention to showing their personal qualities. In addition to showing the temperament of the residents, the interior furnishings can also enhance their pursuit in life.

2. Features of indoor furnishings

  • Technology

What used to be handmade carpets and home decorations can now be processed by modern technology, which is not only efficient, but also has more forms.


  • Timeliness

The interior furnishings should reflect the content of modern people’s lives and reflect the aesthetic taste of modern people. Every generation has the aesthetics of a generation. Therefore, we must pay attention to updating and upgrading. Don’t stick to stereotypes, learn more about modern artworks and artistic images, and have more in creation. Breakthrough.


  • Aestheticization

Interior design wins not by content, but by form. It is not about how famous a painting is or how expensive a furniture is, but whether it can highlight aesthetic attributes in terms of online, form, and color. This requires the unification of technology and art, and an item must have excellent craftsmanship and a reasonable mix.

3. The principle of interior furnishings

We all know that the interior furnishings should pay attention to the unification of style, the coordination of functions, sizes, and atmosphere. These are all things to follow. The most basic basis to master is the spatial layout.

The so-called spatial furnishings are actually turning every place into a landscape, so we must master the laws of spatial layout. The first point is to determine the landscape point.

For example, in the living room, the sofa is the meeting space, and the opposite side of the sofa is the main view point of the living room. Here is the furnishings with the largest area and the most attractive colors.

The view point of the bedroom is opposite to the bed. It is very unreasonable to design a tall cabinet here that covers the wall.


by Cassie Liu


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