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6 Inspiration & Ideas: Decorate Your Computer Gaming Room

by Vlen Feng
6 Inspiration & Ideas: Decorate Your Computer Gaming Room

Ideally, your gaming area should strike a balance between functionality and comfort. For instance, your game room can be used to entertain friends or as a part-time home office. Providing exclusive space for playing video games is a dream for many gamers, although the equipment may be different depending on the type of games. 


1. ‘Travel to Future’ Theme Game Room Setup

game room

The metal chandelier and blue background light can create a sense of modernity. As if this is a room or a space base 100 years from now.


 2. Basic setup with multiple screens

multiple screen on game room


A great way to elevate a basic setup with multiple screens is through décor. Use action figures to add more playfulness to the space and incorporate ambient lighting into the design to give it a bit of an edge. Posters are a welcome addition as we


3. Enjoy the game on a larger display screen

computer game room

Playing a video game on a PC screen may be a little too small for you.

If so, use a projector to enjoy the game on a larger display screen, or choose between installing a projector or a streamlined LED TV.

A projector allows you to customize the range and size anytime as you want, whereas you can’t change the size of a TV screen.

Either way, you need to make sure that the TV or the projector can be connected to speakers, consoles, and other gaming essentials.


4. Setup Ambient background light

dual computer home office setup



5.  Setup a cleaner look game room

game room

This working and game space is setup with Samsung The Serif TV, PlayStation 4, Sunset Shadow Lamp.


6. Raise the screen or table to save your back pain

game room

You've got the posture correct for helping back pain, but you need to make a small tweak to help prevent (or minimize) carpal tunnel at your wrists. 

by Vlen Feng


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