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10 Creative Christmas Outdoor Lighting Ideas

by Vlen Feng
10 Creative Christmas Outdoor Lighting Ideas

1. Luminous Mailbox

Christmas lighting decor on mailbox


Put a smile on the mailman's face and all who pass by with this Artificial Pre-Lit Swag with Lights. This holiday decoration features the technology that creates a decoration with remarkable realism. It is trimmed with pine cones and pre-strung with 35 battery-operated warm white LED lights that are energy-efficient and long lasting. 6 hours ON/18 hours OFF timed operation. Includes tie wraps to secure swag to a mailbox. Product Details Location: All Outdoor Use Product Type Plant Type: Artificial Lights Included Power Source: Battery 



2. Meteor Shower Effect Tree with Romantic Aesthetic

Led meteor shower lights


Led meteor shower lights, the light of every bulb turns on and out one by one in sequence and quickly just like meteor shower or falling snow in the night sky, multi-colored, very beautiful. It can be used as one, or be connected (as much as five string lights) 



3. Creative Fancy Christmas Tree

creative Christmas tree



4. Snow Balls Lighting

snow ball lamp


Christmas lights doesn't have to be very expensive. The snowball piled up with LED light string is a very creative floor lamp.



5. Creative XMAS lighting: The thief stole the light string

lighting strings


Cartoon elements can also be added to outdoor Christmas decorations.



6. Christmas Projector Lights

projector lights


RGB Christmas Laser Light is powerful enough that it can serve as your one and only outdoor Christmas decoration for medium-to-large sized homes. Its LED array is bright enough to cover about 3,500 square feet on its own, so it can completely light up your house. 



7. Glowing Ice gift boxes

ice gift box


Make illuminated gift boxes for outdoor decor using plastic boxes and waterproof ribbon. Add string lights or battery operated bulbs inside. It offers much more holiday cheer to any outside decor this holiday season. Tutorial: Martha Stewart 


 8. Halo Projector Lamp for holiday lighting

Christmas projector lamp


This Shadow Lamp is a color projector made of anodized aluminum carved from a solid plate, which integrates a high power LED and a sophisticated optical system specifically designed to achieve a precise effect: a perfect projection of colors and shades. It is the intangible part, the light, that embodies the center of the project.

The idea is to create a compact and minimal object with a great installation effect, which can bring into homes new metaphysical galaxies of colors in which to immerse oneself. It allows you to create new graphic patterns and extend the possible projection surface, the ceiling and walls become immense paintings where artwork is displayed. It's a powerful tool to create endless composition and decor gently the environment with its presence.



9. Fresh evergreen boxes embellished with lights 



Fresh evergreen boxes embellished with lights and wrapped with plaid bows give your home a vintage, country Christmas look. 


10. Colorful string lights decorations

Christmas string lights





 minimalist corner lamp

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by Vlen Feng


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