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Product Description

Step into the future of visual display technology with the 3D Hologram LED Fan. Featuring 224 LEDs and a two-axis rotating imaging system, this hologram LED fan delivers high-definition, naked-eye 3D visual effects that will leave you amazed. The included 8G memory card and extensive video library gives you the option to unlock a world of possibilities—ranging from food and nature, to sci-fi imagery and animations. Display custom images like your logo, family photos, your team's mascot on game day, and more! The compact design makes it convenient to mount on a wall or set it up on a table with stand. Whether you're setting it up in your retail store, at an exhibition, or in your living room, it's sure to become the center of attention.




— Colors: Black
— Materials Acrylic, ABS, Metal, Polycarbonate
— Measurements 17.7"H x 17.7"W x 2.4"D
— Warranty: Manufacturer's 1 Year
— Project Of Videos & Images
— 224 LEDs Two-axis Rotating Imaging, Presenting High-definition, Naked-eye 3D Visual Effects
— Access A Large Video Library With A Variety Of Imagery: Food, Sci-fi, Universe, Animation, Cyber, Etc.
 Display Customized 3D Logos & Pictures
— Supports APP & Bluetooth Connectivity
— Mobile Phone Synchronous Screen Projection Function


— Power Source: Wall Plug
— Cord Length: 4.9 ft.
— Viewing Angle: 160° — Output Voltage: DC 12V/2A
— Power: 10 -15 W
— Display Diameter: 40 cm/15.7in
— Bulb Type: 224 LEDs
— Bulb Lifetime: 10,000+ Hrs.
— Color Temperature: RGB
— Storage Capacity: 8gb
— Support Format: MP4/JPG/GAIF/MOV
— Supporting System: Windows/ iOS/ Android
— Brightness Adjustable
— Bluetooth Audio Supported
— Remote Control
— Product Weight: 4,4 lb

3D Hologram LED Fan With Frame Supports APP & Bluetooth Connectivity

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